Harry Potter – the one book that has been an integral part of my childhood and I must accept, my adulthood as well. It is only fair that I dedicate a post in this blog to the phenomena that it was and it still is. I got introduced to the book series by my brother who is as much of a bookworm as I am, if not more. ‘The Boy Who Lived’ – the first four words that I read and the words that will stay in some corner of my subconscious forever. Continue reading


Then and now

The Bachelor of Arts is a novel by RK Narayan, one of the most celebrated Indian authors of all time. It chronicles the life of a young man who lives in the fictional town of Malgudi in South India in the 1930s. Being a person who is always fascinated by things new and old, just basically different from what I am used to, I subconsciously compare the life as I know it and the life that I read about in books. I guess that probably explains my interest in fantasy novels and the like. As I started reading this book, that is what I did again. I started comparing the life that we lead now to the life in the 1930s and even though the setting and the societal expectations were different, the essence of it seems to remain the same. Continue reading

A thank you note.

I recently came across a post that showcased five articles related to grief. Five people, who had lost their loved ones, had written these articles to cope with their loss. There are many a time that I have thought of writing something on those lines. Times when I have reached an emotional peak and felt I just needed to get it out, but I couldn’t. It becomes too personal and I could never bring myself to attempt it. So, I thought, why not write something for the people who were with me during those difficult times and helped me cope.

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The Interview

He was sitting in a classroom that could hold close to 100 students and only 35 were currently inside. If you had a black and white vision and were watching the room from a distance, it would seem that there were 35 people who were clones of each other. They were all dressed the same way. A full sleeved light coloured formal shirt and dark trousers with a belt that matched their shoes. Continue reading

Old is Gold

As I have been hinting in almost all my posts, we have recently moved to a new place away from home and will be here for the next five years. In the process of setting up our home, we decided not to spend much on the furniture since this is not our permanent place of residence. And we also wanted to see if it is possible to have a decent set of furniture for a low cost. Continue reading