As I have been hinting in almost all my posts, we have recently moved to a new place away from home and will be here for the next five years. In the process of setting up our home, we decided not to spend much on the furniture since this is not our permanent place of residence. And we also wanted to see if it is possible to have a decent set of furniture for a low cost.

So, we started looking at second-hand furniture which was in a good shape and we were not disappointed. We ended up getting a sturdy double cot for Rs.5000, a bamboo sofa for Rs. 800, a bamboo rack for Rs.500 and a teak teapoy for Rs.1000. It seems like a good haul to me!

The cot didn’t need much work. We started using it as such after buying a new bed.

The cot – it did not need any extra work on it.

The bamboo sofa needed some work since it was old. So did the bamboo rack.

Sofa - before
The sofa – before we started working on it.

As soon as we got the furniture delivered to the house, we got to work. We started off by cleaning the sofa with soap water thoroughly. It was very much dusty. God knows for many years it had been laying in that shop. We ended up making the whole place dirty, but the sofa – spic and span. And then came the process of applying varnish. I have never done that before and so I was pretty enthusiastic about it. We took turns to complete it and voila! It looked like a brand new one. We were so proud of ourselves.

Sofa - After
The finished product.

The same process was followed for the rack as well. But it was it in a pretty good shape already. The cleaning with soap water was enough for it to look new. But we applied a coat of varnish as well.

Bamboo Rack
The rack – after the work is done. I do not have the before pic. 😦

The teapoy just needed a little cleaning. Not a little. A lot. The mica sheet on top was pretty dirty and my husband did a good job of cleaning it.

The teapoy – cleaning was enough for this.

We bought cushions for the sofa and we were set! The living room was furnished – good as new.

As we were done setting up the furniture, we came to the realization that we do not need to spend a huge amount of money in order to buy something functional. We just need to know where to look and be ready to put in a little of our effort as well. I should also mention that if we had enough funds, we probably wouldn’t have gone to this approach. Buying a first class finished product directly would obviously be the first option if we had enough money. But because of a shortage of funds, we ended up looking for cost-effective options and we realised that spending money in a smart way is completely in our hands. And hey, we both did have fun working on it together. We wouldn’t have got that experience if we had not gone for this.

One thought on “Old is Gold

  1. Good job krishnan and vinaya. Its a skill actually getting things done in a smart way at lower cost. Ur husband is fantastic in managing money. 🙂


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